Senate Conservatives Fund 2010 Election Update

July 28, 2010 13:37

Senator Jim DeMint has been doing great work in trying to help limited government candidates in office. Here is the 7/27/2010 update.

2010 Election Update

Florida - Marco Rubio


Marco Rubio (R) continues to prove that he’s the best choice for Floridians in November. This week, he announced a detailed plan to cut government spending. Please read “12 Simple Steps to Cut Spending“. Here’s the idea we like best:

IDEA #6: Pass A Constitutional Amendment Requiring Congress To Balance The Budget. A balanced budget amendment will force Congress to make cuts by eliminating spending, not raising taxes. If the Florida Legislature and almost every state in America is required by their state constitution to pass a balanced budget each year, so should Washington and Congress.

Thanks to your support, Rubio raised $4.5 million in the 2nd Quarter, which is the largest amount of any candidate this election cycle. The Senate Conservatives Fund started working on this race last June, when Rubio was a little known, but staunchly conservative state legislator. Our support helped Rubio develop a large supporter and donor base that has fueled his astronomic climb in the polls. This support base is now producing the resources he will need to win this critical race.

While the Real Clear Politics polling average shows a Crist a lead of over 3 points, a recent Rasmussen Reports survey shows that Rubio is making a move, surging to 2 point lead after initially being behind in the polls. This is encouraging news as you may recall that Rasmussen was the first poll to report that Rubio had taken a commanding lead over Crist in their primary battle.

Real Clear Politics Polling Average / Nov 2 General Election: Charlie Crist +3.6%

SCF Investment Total / Marco Rubio: $396,904.40

Colorado - Ken Buck


Conservative Ken Buck (R) continues to gain momentum against his Washington-backed opponent in the Republican primary. Thanks to your support, Buck finished the 2nd Quarter of the year with more cash on hand and has launched two television ads. Please watch “Grassroots” and “Opportunity“.

Also, the Senate Conservatives Fund launched a statewide radio ad to encourage Colorado Republicans to support Buck, a conservative they can be proud of. Please listen to “Proud“.

Unfortunately, Buck’s opponent continues to attack him with dishonest and misleading personal attacks. Here’s how the Denver Post described her most recent use of gender-politics:

In Colorado, Norton’s Senate campaign is now showing an edited clip of Buck answering a question of why Coloradans ought to vote for him over Norton. “Because I do not wear high heels,” Buck says. But a full viewing of Buck’s statements shows that he was trying to make fun of gender-based attacks Norton has made about him. Norton’s camp has tried to play the high-heel card to her favor in this campaign. Sure, Buck’s comments still sound dull to us, and he would’ve been much smarter to steer clear of gender issues. But we don’t believe the Weld County District Attorney thinks women shouldn’t be running for the Senate, and find Norton’s ad inappropriate.

These attacks are inappropriate, not to mention desperate. Fortunately, they don’t appear to be working. A new survey conducted by Magellan Strategies shows Buck with a 9 point lead. Ken Buck is running a positive campaign for America’s future and he deserves our support.

Real Clear Politics Polling Average / Aug 10 GOP Primary: Ken Buck +7%

SCF Investment Total / Ken Buck: $288,207.12

Ron Johnson


Ron Johnson (R) continues to exceed all expectations for a candidate running in Wisconsin against an entrenched incumbent.

Like Democrats across the country, Feingold’s desperate strategy in this race is to twist Johnson’s words to make him appear like an “extremist.” So far, it doesn’t appear to be working. A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows Johnson in the lead now by 1 point over Russ Feingold (D).

Russ Feingold is the real extremist. He recently joined his liberal colleagues in the Senate in voting to use taxpayer funding to sue Arizona and to let the death tax come back to life. That’s not just liberal — it’s very liberal.

The significance of winning this race cannot be overstated. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel described it this way:

A Feingold defeat would give the GOP its first victory in a U.S. Senate race in Wisconsin in 24 years. Nationally, it would give the party at least a shot at winning a Senate majority. While Feingold is by no means the most endangered Democratic in that chamber, his is the sort of contest – uphill but not implausible – that Republicans have to win to make up a massive 10-seat Senate deficit.

Real Clear Politics Polling Average / Nov 2 General Election: Russ Feingold +2%

SCF Investment Total / Ron Johnson: $14,650.25

Nevada - Sharron Angle


Harry Reid (D) continues to attack conservative champion Sharron Angle (R) but now she’s beginning to fight back. Thanks to your generous support, she’s raised $2.2 million in 42 days and launched several new television ads. Take a minute to watch “Now“, “Right Here Right Now“, and “Please Stop“.

Reid knows he will never get a majority of Nevadans to vote for him again so his strategy is to drive enough voters away from Angle to allow him to win a plurality. There will be seven other candidates on the ballot siphoning away votes including a “none of the above” option for dissatisfied voters.

Part of Reid’s plan to drive votes away from Angle is to splinter her base. This is why he has gone to such great lengths to court the NRA for its endorsement by securing a backroom carve-out for them in the DISCLOSE Act and a $61 million earmark for a shooting range. The NRA says it has not made a decision yet but it continues to flirt with idea despite Reid’s dismal record on 2nd Amendment issues. You can show your support for Angle at

Angle’s lead in the polls has slipped some under the onslaught of negative ads funded by Harry Reid and the special interest groups supporting his campaign. But a recent Rasmussen Reports survey showed Angle with a 3 point lead over Reid. Angle can definitely win this race and she should not be underestimated.

Real Clear Politics Polling Average / Nov 2 General Election: Harry Reid +2%

SCF Investment Total / Sharron Angle: $283,278.46

Pennsylvania - Pat Toomey


Pat Toomey (R) continues to run one of the best campaigns in the country. He recently lit up the airwaves with 5 separate 15-second television ads highlighting his opponent’s liberal record. If you don’t know about Rep. Joe Sestak (D), please watch the ads.

Toomey’s strategy appears to be working. A new Rasmussen Reports survey shows Toomey leading Sestak by 7 points.

Toomey’s campaign is also highlighting Sestak’s hypocrisy on earmarks. Here’s part of the statement from Toomey’s website:

According to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer last week, Joe Sestak made a pledge on his campaign website, stating: “If an organization or individual has made a request for an appropriations project, and has made a contribution to his campaign, he returns that contribution.”  But according to the same Inquirer article, Congressman Sestak violated his own pledge, taking $119,650 in contributions from people who received earmarks from him.

When pressed by reporters yesterday, Congressman Sestak told the Pittsburgh Tribune Review that he “never intended to publicize his donation-return policy, which appears in his campaign website’s Ethics section.” Congressman Sestak then added, “I just wanted a quiet sense of accountability.”

Voters in Pennsylvania need to get Mr. Sestak a very loud sense of accountability on November 2nd and the Senate Conservatives Fund is going to keep working to make certain of it.

Real Clear Politics Polling Average / Nov 2 General Election: Pat Toomey +2.3%

SCF Investment Total / Pat Toomey: $114,372.32

Kentucky - Rand Paul


Dr. Rand Paul (R) continues to highlight the serious policy differences between him and his Democrat opponent, Jack Conway (D). After the Senate voted down Senator DeMint’s amendments to stop the Arizona lawsuit and to keep the death tax from coming back to life, Dr. Paul’s campaign made this statement:

Issue 1: Death Tax Repeal

The Senate voted on the DeMint motion to permanently repeal the Death Tax. Rand Paul supports keeping this job crushing tax in its grave where it belongs. Jack Conway has said he wants to allow this immoral tax to return, but won’t say to what level. Conway claims to want to exempt some family farms, but these are most likely empty promises, as his liberal allies certainly don’t have Kentucky agriculture’s best interest on their minds. The best way to ensure Kentucky Farmers don’t have to pay a revived Death Tax is to keep it at ZERO.

Issue 2: Federal Government Suing Arizona over Illegal Immigration law

The Senate also voted to defund the federal lawsuit against the state of Arizona. No matter what you think of Arizona’s law, the fact the Obama Admonition is using the courts to sue Arizona for trying to solve its illegal immigration problem is a disgrace.

The federal government has long ignored its duty to protect our borders and enforce our immigration laws. In desperation, Arizona has tried to take matters into its own hands. The federal government should focus its energy and resources on actual border security, rather than suing a state for being forced into action.

Dr. Rand Paul is exactly the kind of principled conservative we need in the Senate. He’s running a strong campaign and the Senate Conservatives Fund will continue to help him win in November.

Real Clear Politics Polling Average / Nov 2 General Election: Rand Paul +3.6%

SCF Investment Total / Rand Paul: $48,863.40

Utah - Mike Lee


Mike Lee (R) continues show why he will be one of the brightest conservative leaders to join the Senate next year. Here is an excerpt from a story in the Deseret News about Lee’s campaign:

Lee isn’t about to stray from his focus on the Constitution just because the GOP primary is over and he is widely viewed as headed to an easy victory in November over Democrat Sam Granato. Utah hasn’t elected a Democratic U.S. senator since 1970.

“The Constitution will continue to play a very prominent role in what I believe and what I campaign on,” Lee said. “Anytime I’m talking about my analytic framework about what will guide me as a U.S. senator, yeah, that’s going to be part of it every single time.”

Real Clear Politics Polling Average / Nov 2 General Election: Mike Lee +30%

SCF Investment Total / Mike Lee: $211,541.61

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