ShoreBank: Is There a Rezko Connection?

July 22, 2010 04:47

Is there a Rezko connection? Are there developers with ties to the Chicago machine who would be protected by a bailout? What are the connections, if any, to Obama, Schakowsky, and other Chicago politicians? We need to know–now. At the very least, we can already dismiss Schakowsky’s false excuse that the bailout is for the poor. It is nothing more than Chicago-style corruption on a national scale.

by Joel B. Pollak at

For months, we have been told that ShoreBank deserves a bailout because it serves poor communities. We have been assured by ShoreBank’s patrons, such as Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), that allowing the federal government to take over the bank will put borrowers in those communities at risk.

Bailouts for ShoreBank

Now, as the truth has begun to emerge, it is becoming clear that ShoreBank’s troubles did not begin in poor communities at all.

Robin Sidel of the Wall Street Journal reports that ShoreBank’s financial problems may partly stem from loans made to condominium developers and builders in parts of town beyond its traditional focus on the city’s South Side.

If ShoreBank deserves help because it is the “iconic community development bank,” as Schakowsky recently claimed, what was it doing lending money to condo kings, and why should taxpayers bail it out?

If the ShoreBank is taken over, Schakowsky claims, “the losers will be these low-income communities and the businesses and the homeowners that they serve.”

That was never true.


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