The word about the economy is not ‘uncertainty’ its ‘scary’

July 16, 2010 04:15

The word ‘uncertainty‘ keeps coming up as a reason why businesses don’t invest and take risk to create jobs. We have two 2,000 plus page bills now that we had to pass ‘to see what they do’. They each create hundreds of new agencies and will generate thousands of new rules, regulations and unknown costs.And there are more in the mill like  cap and trade, amnesty for illegals, and union pension bailouts. Uncertainty is not the word, scary is the word.

It would take several pages to cover all the union give a ways and favoritism that the Dems and Obama have done and still plan to do so click here for pages of articles on that. Unions own this government and they are getting paid off in every one of these unread, unwanted and unbelievable bills.

And then there are taxes. The expiring Bush tax cuts will cost tax payers a trillion dollars and stall what little economic growth there is. Obama has also hinted at more tax increases coming because of the huge deficit his out of control spending has caused. There is even talk of adding a national sales tax or Value Added Tax to the cost of every step of production on everything made. Cap and Trade or a carbon tax will add to the cost of anything that uses energy to fulfill Obama’s promise to make electricity rates skyrocket. It gets scarier and scarier.

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