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July 20, 2010 04:24

One of the decade’s most under reported stories is the impending health crisis begat by our open border policies. As DC politicians posture, criminals, terrorists, drugs, and weapons flow freely into the country through our Mexican border which has deteriorated into an anarchical combat zone.

By Joy Tiz at Canada Free Press

By itself, all of that could be considered pretty compelling evidence that it’s time to seriously consider securing our borders. In the fervor of the immediate battle, scant attention is directed at the long term damage being done to American citizens at the hands of feckless politicians.

Legal immigrants are required to have medical screening to ensure that they do not bring any contagious diseases into the United States. Illegal aliens are not screened and many are carrying horrific third world diseases that do not belong in the USA. Many of these diseases are highly contagious and will infect citizens that come in contact with an infected illegal alien. This has already happened in restaurants, schools, and police forces.

Diseases we thought were long behind us are experiencing a renascence. In a La Quinta, California middle school, TB was discovered in April of this year. Curiously enough, La Quinta borders a sanctuary city. Riverside County’s most recent online TB report is from 2007, well before the latest outbreak:

Immigration of persons from countries with high rates of tuberculosis continue to be a major issue in the control of tuberculosis. In 2007, almost seventy percent of reported tuberculosis cases were among immigrants.

Even leprosy is incubating among the illegal population:

Leprosy, a scourge of Biblical days, is caused by a bacillus agent and is now know as Hansen’s Disease. In the 40 years prior to 2002, there were only 900 total cases of leprosy in the US. In the following three years there have been 9,000 cases and most were illegal aliens.

It’s not only Mexico dispatching mortiferous diseases. Middle Easterners with less than honorable aims are finding it easy to blend into the border crashing camarilla:


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