Alinsky Wins at the SEC

August 30, 2010 08:27

Even the Wall Street Journal is recognizing the Alinsky pattern in the Obama administration.

As Discover the Networks points out, Saul Alinsky advocated bold decisive action:

‘He approached this task by first distinguishing between liberals and radicals. Alinsky had no patience for those he called the liberals of his day — people who were content to talk about the changes they wanted, but were unwilling to actively work for those changes. Rather, he favored “radicals” who were prepared to take bold, decisive action designed to transform society, even if that transformation could be achieved only slowly and incrementally.’

In its August 30 editorial The Wall Street Journal laments that the Alinsky win at the SEC is the new proxy rule that will let unions and other activist groups control corporate boards:

‘Chairman Schapiro’s new proxy rule is a weapon to extract political concessions unknowingly underwritten by shareholders. Activist groups and union-led pension funds will come knocking on a corporation’s door threatening to run opposition candidates if, for example, the firm doesn’t endorse ObamaCare, or won’t stop supporting the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.’

In an earlier peice,  Paul Atkins points out how this new rule will effect businesses:

‘It’s no coincidence that only unions and cause-driven, minority shareholders want this coveted access. They would use it to advance their own labor, social and environmental agendas instead of the corporation’s goal of maximizing long-term shareholder wealth’

In a Bloomberg article the US Cnamber of commerce said:

‘“Using the proxy process to give labor unions, pension funds and others greater leverage to try to ram through their agenda makes no sense,” David Hirschmann, chief executive officer of the Chamber’s capital markets unit, said in a statement. The business lobby “will continue to fight this flawed approach using every method available,” he said.’

This is certainly bold, decisive action in the Alinsky pattern. This strategy comes quite naturally to this administration since Obama taught Alinsky strategy as a ‘community organizer’.

The unions continue to get favorable treatment from Democrats and the Obama administration due to the large campaign contributions that go 99% to Democrats. Unions spent $400 million during the 2008 elections in support of Democratic candidates, and they and Obama have been grateful.

A previous usACTIONnews editorial titled The best government money can buy highlighted the top 20 recipients of campaign cash from public and trade unions – all Democrats. The Democrats have promised to spend over $100 million to keep Democrat incumbents in office this election.

Like the EPA’s CO2 power grab and the FCC intent to take over the internet, look for more Obama administration agencies to take ‘bold decisive action’ in the Alinsky way to make changes that cannot be accomplished in openly debated legislation.


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