Amnesty In Disguise

August 11, 2010 05:33

After suing Arizona to assert federal supremacy over states on immigration, it turns out that ICE, Washington’s immigration cop on the beat, isn’t enforcing the law at all. This is amnesty by another name. – IBDeditorials



“The Justice Department isn’t interested in enforcing the law.”

“Last week, 259 representatives of the union that represents 7,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents handed down a unanimous vote of “no confidence” in ICE leaders, whose policies keep them from doing their job.

Based on those policies, agents can no longer arrest illegal immigrants even if they announce their status on a sandwich board.”

“And aside from wondering why terrorists are being released at all across a border they’ll have no trouble recrossing, Morton’s policy effectively means no one is looking for illegal immigrants once they make it past the Border Patrol.”

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