‘Beginning of the End’: Crews Prepare to Plug Leak for Good

August 2, 2010 06:03

What will will they use to pass cap and trade now? Engineers are preparing to launch a so-called ‘static kill’ as early as today, shoving mud and perhaps cement into the blown-out Gulf well to make it easier to plug the gusher up forever and end the Summer of the Spill. -FOXNews

AP via FOXNews.com

Engineers on the Gulf of Mexico hoped to begin a plan by Monday evening to shove mud and perhaps cement into the blown-out oil well at the seafloor, making it easier to end the gusher for good.

The only thing keeping millions more gallons of oil out of the Gulf right now is an experimental cap that has held for more than two weeks but was never meant to be permanent.

The so-called “static kill” attempt carries no certainty, and BP PLC engineers still plan to follow it up days later by sending a stream of mud and cement into the bottom of the mile-deep underground reservoir through a relief well they’ve been digging for months.


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