Dems admit House control is over in 2011

August 26, 2010 05:23

As Obama’s ‘summer of recovery’ has turned into Democrats’ fall, some Democrats are privately admitting that recent polling and economic data spells doom for them in November.

JIM VANDEHEI & ALEX ISENSTADT & MIKE ALLEN at POLITICO report that party insiders no longer believe that jobs or the economy will recover in time to help them win in the mid-term elections.

Dems seem surprised that a disaster is in the making as races that were considered secure for Democrats are being lost or at least up for grabs. There is even talk that the senate could be in play. The electorate is angry, motivated and decidedly against the Obama, Reid, Pelosi agenda agenda that Democrats have been in lock step with.

Some races even have Democrats running ads that try to make them look like they now oppose that same axis of leftist rule.


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