Facing the Cruel Facts

August 20, 2010 08:09

The people who run the drug and arms smuggling cartels in Mexico and elsewhere in Central and South America can read newspapers as well as anyone. They see a message being sent that Hispanic immigrants will continue to “get a pass” whenever possible. From the cartels’ standpoint, the issue of so-called racial profiling must be set front and center whenever possible in order to take attention away from narcotics trafficking.

By at American Spectator


“The Hispanic community is outraged at what ultimately is the “profiling” of their membership as a hand maiden of international criminal enterprise. But, unfortunately, that plays into the drug cartels’ hands. The continuing struggle to focus attention on the moral issue of illegal immigration provides a ready cover for the multi-billion dollar organization of narcotics smuggling. To not recognize this is an exercise in self-delusion.”

“What has been counted (by CBS News, hardly a conservative source) is that 14.8% of Arizona’s prison population is illegal immigrants. And this is after the ICE deportations. Twenty-four percent in prison on drug charges are illegals, as are 40% of those in prison for kidnapping. The DHS secretary might have noticed those percentages when she reviewed their relationship to the fact that 7% of the Arizona population is illegal. Some more measuring is in order.”

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