McCain fools Arizona Republicans again, wins primary

August 25, 2010 04:56

Arizona Senator John McCain won with about 42% of Arizona Republicans voting against him even though he spent $20 million to save his pending 5th term.

McCain managed to mask himself as a conservative when it became apparent that J. D. Hayworth was going to give him trouble in the primary. McCain who considers the highest form of statesmanship is to compromise with the leftists, took  a hard right turn in the primary race to save his seat. McCain who loved the label ‘maverick’ which described his capitulations to the left and won him adulation in the propaganda press, dropped all references to being a ‘maverick’ in the primary.

Best known among conservatives for his part in limiting campaign speech with McCain-Feingold, the ‘bipartisan’ gang of fourteen that allowed Democrats to block Bush judicial appointments, and his embrace of amnesty for illegals, McCain campaigned as a staunch advocate of border security. He also never mentioned his pet cause of ‘bipartisanship’ above all else.

McCain is a warmer and is for cap and trade. That could be because he is the fourth greatest recipient of Goldman Sachs campaign money. Securities and Investment donors make up his fifth largest donor group so far this year. Maybe that’s why he voted to bail out the banks.

Lawyers and lawyer groups are McCain’s number two donor group so don’t expect any TORT reform from McCain.

He supported amnesty for illegals under Bush and will likely do so again. McCain is easily fooled by the leftists clever names of bills and is more concerned with appearing conciliatory than taking a principled stand on any issue. He thinks taxes are needed to reduce the deficit and voted against the Bush tax cuts.

McCain’s primary win is a serious blow to the hopes of conservatives in making real change in the Washington old boy culture that helped get us into the mess we are in.


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