Meet Sheriff Larry Dever, illegal immigration warrior

August 2, 2010 05:14

‘Dever has been outspoken about the need for Arizona to secure its border and enforce the law. Having grown up and lived in Cochise County – a county that borders Mexico — his entire life, Dever has seen the adverse consequences of decades of unchecked illegal immigration first hand.’ -the Daily Caller

By Caroline May The Daily Caller

‘According to Dever, the former commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), Doris Meissner, ultimately conceded, “I blew it. I truly believed that when we forced people into the inhospitable desert of Arizona that it would become too difficult for them to cross that they wouldn’t try anymore.”

“Well that was clearly a miscalculation,” Dever said. “And then if you take a look at the GAO reports from about 1995-1999, they will tell you this was the strategy, to funnel these people into the Arizona area and the desert would stop them from coming. It was not an unintended consequence at all, it was a strategic move that failed. And they are still not prepared to deal with it.”

Dever said that his first indication that the attitude toward enforcement was facing a downward trajectory occurred about four years ago. That year, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund sued Dever for over $35 million for “failing to protect migrant rights.” Of the 16 plaintiffs, 10 refused to be identified, due to their immigration status. The case was ultimately dismissed.’


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