Muslim, Christian, or Marxist?

August 24, 2010 03:49

The American people now seem to get it, even though the truth about Obama’s relationship with Davis has never been thoroughly explored by the major media. A poll from the Democracy Corps, a Democratic Party firm, found that 55 percent said that Obama could accurately be described as a socialist. This is far more than the number of people who see him as a Muslim.

By Cliff Kincaid at AIM


“As President, he has gone to church only a few times, which undermines the claim that he is a practicing Christian. People see him playing golf on Sunday; they don’t see him going to church.

In fact, however, being a Christian is not just a function of attending church services. Rather, it is related to being baptized. Did this critical development occur in Obama’s life?”

“Pastor Dakdok reports that he also asked a spokesperson for Trinity, the membership director:

“If I am a Muslim man, and I believe in the prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, but I also believe in the prophet Jesus, do I have to give up my Islamic faith to join your church?”

The answer was, “Absolutely not! We have so many members of our church who are Muslims.”

Dakdok asked the Trinity spokesperson, “Is that how Senator Barack Obama became a member?” The membership director of the church refused to answer.

Madeline Brooks calls this “Muslim Christianity,” which she says is theologically impossible.”


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