Obama will make you an offer you can’t refuse

August 13, 2010 05:28

Recent events make it clear that Obama’s administration will reward its friends and punish its detractors with the full weight and power of the federal government.

Its the Chicago mob way. Make them an offer they can’t refuse or break their legs.

An early indication was when senior White House officials and senior members of the Commerce and Energy Departments called Washington GE officials and corporate officers in New York to complain after General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt said in public he didn’t believe that the Obama Administration’s heavy regulatory approach was conducive to helping the U.S. economy. With billions on the line in government contracts and GE enriching bills like cap and trade and green energy bills Immelt melted.

Then when Arizona started making a big ruckus about border security and Governor Jan Brewer wouldn’t back down the US Department of Justice filed suit against the state of Arizona and Obama had a Foreign president address congress to publicly chastise the state of Arizona. Federal agencies were suddenly canceling conventions and joining a boycott of Arizona.

On the favors side we have the $800+ billion stimulus bill that enriched government employee unions, teacher unions and trade unions. Unions were further rewarded with an executive order requiring unions on all government contracts and changing a 75 year old rule on union elections. Now we have another bill just passed that sends billions to unions to help them help Democrats this fall.

But the worst example of using the federal hammer is the recent announcement of the closing of the Naval base at Norfolk Virginia. On Monday August 9, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced that he was going to close the Joint Forces Command Center, one of ten major military command centers in the U.S. All of this suddenly announced after Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli filed a lawsuit against Obamacare and made a determination the state troopers could enforce immigration laws.

Now claims of Rahm Emanuelle showing up in the shower and poking his finger in the chest of  Rep. Eric Massa don’t seem so wild.

These actions are a clear message to groups, businesses, politicians  and even states that this thug government will do anything to get its way. Damn the people, full speed ahead.

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