Protesters denounce Google plan for ‘two-tier internet’

August 14, 2010 07:07

Protesters outside the famed Googleplex said this would create a “pay-to-play” service and urged Google to live up to its famous motto “don’t be evil”. But do they know what is really going on?

The Protester story is at BBC News but what about ‘Net Neutrality‘? It sound so good. Shouldn’t everyone want the internet to be free and neutral? Yes, and that’s why the FCC and media takeover groups like Free Press named their plan ‘Net Neutrality‘, it sounds good, sounds ‘fair’.

But it is really a plan by the FCC and socialist groups to take control of the internet. Don’t be fooled. Help keep the internet truly free by keeping the FCC and propaganda groups like Free Press, led by Marxist Robert McChesney, from getting control.

– Editor


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