Republican advocacy group announces ’emergency intervention’ plan for government

August 17, 2010 05:15

The goup founded by Ed Gillespie, the former Republican National Committee chairman who later served as White House counselor, and Karl Rove the architect of the Bush presidency, kicks off its ‘7 in ’11’ plan. is part of a closely affiliated group of four organizations that share space in an office building two blocks from the White House. Thier goal is to spend at least $70 million to help the GOP get elected in November. Hopefully enough to win control  of at least the House to stop the juggernaut of the Obama, Reid, Pelosi radical leftist agenda.

CrossroadsGPS has its own website where it describes the plan and sets out the ‘7 in 11’ strategy.

The seven key priorities listed on the site are:

The “7 in ’11” Plan

    1. Guarantee Low Tax Rates that Encourage American Economic Growth

  • Stop the Obama tax hike time bomb scheduled to detonate on January 1, 2011
  • Reform and simplify the tax system to strengthen America’s global competitiveness
    2. Stop Congress’ Reckless Waste of Taxpayer Money

  • End wasteful “stimulus” spending and pork-barrel earmarks
  • Develop fiduciary-quality controls on Congress’ budgeting and spending processes
  • Cut Congress’ ballooning travel budget
    3. Aggressively Attack the National Debt

  • Clean up the nation’s books and set a clear course to pay off the national debt
  • Create a “BRAC” commission process to tackle entitlement reform
    4. Reform Health Care Responsibly, not Ideologically

  • Call a “time-out” on implementing Obamacare to protect seniors’ and families’ health
  • Refocus on patient-centered policies that will lower costs and improve quality through technological innovations
    5. End the Bailout Culture

  • Impose a moratorium on government handouts to banks, automakers, labor unions and other politically-connected interests
  • Require full public accounting of disposition of returned TARP and auto bailout funds, as well as how much “stimulus” and “jobs bill” spending is directly or indirectly funding government salaries and pensions
    6. Protect our Borders, Enforce our Laws

  • Stop stalling on implementing a complete American border security system
  • Fix existing laws to ensure legal immigration that benefits America and those who play by the rules
    7. Prioritize American Energy Development

  • Block the energy taxes on American families that costly regulatory regimes will impose
  • Speed up development of American nuclear, fossil fuel, and other energy sources

The groups were formed to help counter the massive organization of leftist groups funded by billionaire George Soros like and the Center for American Progress. And unions which have received ‘stimulus’ funds, preferential treatment and ownership of GM and Chrysler and spent $400 million to help Obama and the Democrats take over the government in 2008. Government money gets laundered through union dues and then goes back to Democrats to fund reelection campaigns.


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