State Dept. Aiding Ground Zero Imam’s Book Sales

August 31, 2010 05:49

The State Department has handed out overseas nearly 3,000 copies of an Islamic book written by Ground Zero mosque promoter Feisal Abdul Rauf, an imam who asserts publicly that America has killed more Muslims than al Qaeda.

by  Rowan Scarborough at Human Events


‘The department is now sponsoring Feisal’s fourth trip as a special U.S. emissary to the Muslim world. He made two trips in 2007 during the Bush Administration and one earlier this year to Egypt. Feisal is now visiting Bahrain, Qatar and U.A.E. at a cost to U.S. taxpayers of $16,000.’

‘The State Department acquired 3,000 copies of Feisal’s What’s Right with Islam: A New Vision for Muslims and the West at a cost of nearly $10,000, under what is called the Cairo Regional Book Program.’


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