Tea Party Border Rally Draws Mexican Observers

August 18, 2010 04:57

While Americans attending the United Border Coalition’s rally at the border gathered in 100 degree temperatures on a ranch next to the Arizona/Mexican border Sunday, it was clearly visible that illegal border crossers have not been discouraged by SB 1070. On a hillside less than a mile into Mexico, a group of observers appeared.

by  Robert M. Engstrom at Human Events


‘Hayworth called for a rejection of McCain’s flip-flopping past, a restoration of the U.S. Constitution and an open debate in Congress on the history and original intent of the 14th Amendment as it applies to the anchor babies of illegals, a debate McCain decided not to pursue after first agreeing to hearings.

Hayworth called the $600 million border security funding approved by Congress last week, with more than half of those tax payers’ dollars slated to go to a corrupt Mexican government, as “too little and too late.”’

‘Peggy Davis said, “We are lawless again” just as it was when cattle ranchers first settled in Arizona territory.

“I do not know a single rancher in Southern Arizona who has not been vandalized and threatened repeatedly,” she said. “It is an unprotected zone where we can’t even let our grandchildren play in our yard anymore. There would not be dead bodies in the desert if we secured that border.”

Fred Davis said his friend Rob Krentz, despite crippling injuries to a hip and his neck, was known for giving border crossers water and food on his property in the past, but he was a careful man who went armed with a pistol and rifle out on the range because “many border crossers now are terrible people. Rob was lured into giving aid and was killed for it.”’

FULL STORY by  Robert M. Engstrom at Human Events

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