With Friends Like Islamabad, Who Needs Enemies?

August 4, 2010 05:39

Plagued with a rising tide of Islamic radicalism and notoriously weak central institutions, Pakistan is perilously close to becoming a nuclear rogue state. That frightening possibility has left Washington with little choice but to bank on the powers that be in Islamabad, seeking to preserve rather than reform them.  – Ilan Berman at Forbes.com

by Ilan Berman at Forbes.com

“What do you call an ally that tries to kill you? That’s the question most Americans are asking in the wake of last month’s dissemination by Internet clearinghouse WikiLeaks of some 92,000 classified U.S. military documents relating to the war in Afghanistan. The files provide a sobering portrait of the true state of play on the War on Terror’s first front. Far and away the most damaging disclosures, however, are those relating to the pernicious role being played by Pakistan, long regarded as a critical American ally in South Asia, in supporting and sustaining the anti-Western insurgency there.

“The documents clearly show that the Pakistani intelligence agency is the most important accomplice the Taliban has outside of Afghanistan,” Germany’s influential Der Spiegel, one of the few news outlets with direct access to the WikiLeaks files, reports. “The war against the Afghan security forces, the Americans and their ISAF allies is still being conducted from Pakistan.” Specifically, the news magazine reports that, “according to the war logs, the ISI envoys are present when insurgent commanders hold war councils–and even give specific orders to carry out murders.””


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