20 Months Late, Obama Finally Pays Attention to the Economy

September 13, 2010 03:55

He dedicated months and months of his time and that of congressmen and senators to impose a new Health Care Reform bill, which a large majority of Americans don’t want, and cannot afford.

The Americano


First came an $800 billion plus stimulus program that was supposed to help “shovel ready projects” create new jobs. If approved, the unemployment rate, which stood at 6.1 percent when George W. Bush was President, would not go over eight percent, or so Vice President Joe Biden assured the nation. Unemployment now stands at 9.6 percent and rising.

He has belittled his opponents and insulted all those who dared disagree with him. In a public meeting with a Republican Congressional Delegation in an effort to win support from the opposition party he made it clear who was the boss. When Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) asked him a tough question, the President wasted no time in pointing out to the Arizona senator that he had won the election. He certainly let McCain and the public watching know just who was boss.

For 20 months the President ignored the economy. A little lip service here and there. Meanwhile he had a radical leftist agenda to pursue. Democrats in Congress became edgy. Polls began to show that Democrats might lose control of the House of Representatives, and even the Senate.

All he has done since he took office has been a disaster. That is why he is now off to try and do the only thing he knows how to do well; and that is campaign.

He has already spoken in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and in Cleveland, Ohio this past week. And on Thursday the White House announced four more campaign speeches in the coming weeks. They will keep coming until November.


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