An Open Letter to President Obama from Charlie Daniels

September 24, 2010 15:46

I write this letter as a patriot, a taxpayer, a lifelong resident and as concerned citizen of what I consider to be the greatest nation ever known to man, the United States of America.

Charlie Daniels (yes that Charlie Daniels) at NewsBusters


‘It’s really redistribution of wealth, and it’s nothing new. It’s been tried many places before and it has miserably failed in every one of them.

It’s called socialism.

Am I calling you a socialist? Yes, I am.’

‘You have betrayed a whole generation of African-Americans who voted for you because they really believed all that junk about “hope and change,” they really thought you were going to do something great and the only thing you’ve done is to make their jobs disappear and their health insurance go up.’

‘You and your party have corrupted duly elected officials in an effort to get your legislative agenda passed.’

‘You seem to think that America has an endless supply of tax dollars for you to waste and give away, and the debt you’ve piled up could well bankrupt the greatest nation on earth.’


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