Bill Clinton’s global shakedown

September 23, 2010 04:57

As a former president and with wife Hillary as the current Secretary of State, Bill can shakedown not only businesses but entire countries. The Clinton Global Initiative is revving up in New York with an attendee list of leftists, global warming profiteers and climate hucksters that put Al Gore to shame.

Amanda Carey at  The Daily Caller has the story:

‘“When dealing with the Clintons, it’s always wise to look for a political motivation beyond the organization’s stated charitable goals,” Tom Borelli, director of the Free Enterprise Project, told The Daily Caller.

“While some of the charitable initiatives are admirable, we also see Clinton trying to drive the progressive climate change agenda,” he said. “With cap and trade apparently dead in the Senate, one wonders why so many of the cap and trade CEO cheerleaders are participating in this event. Are these CEOs looking to help the world’s poor or are they looking to make a quick buck from free carbon credits?”’

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