Democrats Send in the Clowns

September 27, 2010 06:16

Joe, foot-in-mouth, Biden and climate fraudster Al Gore are heading to Florida to try and revive Democrat hopes against the Rubio juggernaut.

By at American Spectator

Across the board the conservative cause looks solid in Florida a month and change from Election Day. Rubio, who has run on the platform of pushing for a conservative revival in national politics, enjoys leads of between 10 and 16 percent in polls that survey likely voters.

Fully 80 percent of respondents who favor Rubio say they’re sure he will be their man on Nov. 2. Of those who favor Meek, 69 percent they are sure he will be their choice, up from 48 percent from the previous survey. But only 45 percent of Crist backers say they are certain he will still be their choice on Nov. 2. Apparently Crist supporters are nearly as likely to change candidates as Crist is to change his positions on major issues.


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