‘DREAM Act’ Threat Remains

September 24, 2010 04:37

“Harry Reid is trying to pander to the illegal population and their supporters. He is sending a message that the leader of the U.S. Senate wants to reward those that are here illegally. That mixed signal causes people to think there are long-term benefits for coming here illegally.”

By Elise Cooper at American Thinker


Gaining admission into some California colleges is very difficult. There are only so many spaces, and this bill reduces the slots for legal residents and denies them the opportunity for a college education. Bilbray rightfully points out that that this is a “misguided concept where you reward people for breaking the law. There are a lot of foreign nationals that go to college; yet we don’t offer them legal status or citizenship. These people are not being offered the same proposal.”

Does Bilbray think that the Democrats will hijack the illegal immigration issue and pass it regardless of American objections? Most definitely, because several congressmen stated while in Mexico that “they were going to push amnesty after the November election.” It will probably be passed because the Democrats in power want it. The mentality in Washington right now is that if they lose the majority after the 2010 elections, then they will put forth whatever they want. This is pretty scary since they are going to do what they want despite public opinion being against it.


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