Drinking the Tea of fiscal conservatism with a shot of Palin

September 8, 2010 14:57

Once viewed as a flash-in-the-pan rally of anti-government sentiment, the Tea Parties have taken political root, are spreading rapidly, and gaining strength. The question is can the GOP drink the tea too.

The Americano


‘The Tea Party’s most recent victory was most appropriately in Sarah Palin’s home state of Alaska. Joe Miller, a Yale Law grad and Iraqi War veteran, beat incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski in the Alaskan Republican primary for the Senate nomination Tuesday. Sen. Murkowski was seeking her second full term and had the support of many Republicans in Washington. Miller represents the fifth self-identified Tea Partier to win a GOP Senate nomination.

“He pulled off the upset victory of the year because he ran on principles and because Alaskans, like all Americans, want to stop the massive spending, bailouts, and debt that are bankrupting our country,” Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) said a few minutes after Sen. Murkowski conceded the race to Miller.’

‘The Sam Adams Alliance found prior to the passage of Obama-care, members to the Tea Party were 81 percent Republican and 12.6 percent Independent. The new members who joined after Obama-care, or “Next Wavers” as the study refers to them, were 74 percent Republican and 20 percent Independent.’

‘The risk Democrats run is losing crucial independent voters by painting them as extremists.
Judging by the numbers, the Tea Party is far from over, and has both established parties revamping their campaign strategy playbooks.’


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