Endangered Species: Members of Congress fight to save the incandescent light bulb

September 17, 2010 06:33

After news of 200 jobs to be lost in a GE light bulb factory closing, two congressmen want to rethink the incandescent bulb ban. But they have a powerful and wealthy GE lobby to overcome.

By Alexis Levinson – The Daily Caller


‘Yesterday, Republican Reps. Joe Barton of Texas, Michael Burgess of Texas, and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee introduced the Better Use of Light Bulbs Act, otherwise known as the BULB Act.

The BULB Act repeals a section of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 that called for more energy efficient light bulbs. That provision set in motion the phasing out of incandescent light bulbs, the bulbs most commonly found in your local hardware store, by 2012.’

‘Since incandescent bulbs are cheaper than CFLs, Barton said in an interview with The Daily Caller, “it’s a debatable proposition whether the energy saved offsets the additional costs.” As a result, he said, you may end up with “some low-income families, literally, in the dark.”

What’s more, CFLs contain mercury, creating a potentially dangerous situation if one breaks. The EPA recommends that if you break a CFL bulb, everyone should evacuate while the room is aired out for at least fifteen minutes. If the mercury gets onto any bedding or clothing, those articles should be thrown out.’


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