Entrepreneurs Know What Obama Doesn’t

September 1, 2010 09:46

By now, it should be clear to most Americans — especially the “doers” who create jobs for others — that the White House is no fan of free enterprise. White House policies reflect this belief that business is self-centered and evil and government all-knowing and good.

From IBD Editorials


‘With the economy still floundering and nearly one in 10 Americans out of work, it’s time for the Obama administration to discard the ideological fiction that a wise and benevolent government can fix things.’

‘Contrary to President Obama’s view, the crucial factor for improving life in every society has been private enterprise, individuals who seek to uplift their lives and those of others. Entrepreneurship is neither created nor nurtured by government, nor reserved to the privileged; it springs from individuals and can be found even in the poorest communities in countries worldwide.’

‘Entrepreneurship can only be fully beneficial to society when people are free to channel their efforts into voluntary and cooperative ventures that create wealth. Where governments dominate society, enterprising individuals typically are stifled. Their talents and energies are misdirected into political patronage.’


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