Feeling the heat at the FCC on net neutrality

September 29, 2010 08:46

Chairman Julius Genachowski came in with big plans to impose so-called net neutrality rules on the wild west of the internet. A Wall Street Journal column this week, however, notes the disappointment and backbiting on the left over the lack of progress at the FCC, on this and other issues, with the headline “FCC Chief Concedes Slow Pace.”

Joseph Smith at American Thinker


In the events leading up to the current impasse, a court ruling last April said the FCC “lacks the authority to force Internet service providers to keep their networks open to all forms of content,” forcing the FCC to come up with an alternative route to net neutrality.

The FCC then hatched a plan to regulate the internet under common carrier rules designed decades ago for regulating phone traffic.

Further muddying the waters, House Democrats are expected to introduce a net neutrality bill this week, leading Rep. John Culberson (R-Tex.) to comment

“Speaker Pelosi and President Obama have taken measures to control the healthcare industry, the auto industry, the banking industry and the insurance industry,” Culberson told The Hill on Monday. “It comes as no surprise that they attempt to control commercial activity over the Internet before they lose control of Congress.”

The Obama chariot of hope and change is rapidly turning into a pumpkin, and an overripe pumpkin at that.


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