Gutless Dems dodge tax vote

September 29, 2010 04:46

The real opposition that forced them to delay their anti-growth, job killing tax plan, in the midst of what most people still believe is a recession, came from within their own party.

by Donald Lambro at Human Events


Their postponement has deepened uncertainties throughout the country as businesses delayed investment decision-making, fearing higher taxes next year would send the economy into another nose dive.

In the House, nearly three dozen Democrats have signed a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi urging her to extend the Bush tax cuts for top income earners until the economy has recovered.

In the Senate, nearly half a dozen Democrats want all the tax cuts extended a year or two, if not permanently. Still others were warning Majority Leader Harry Reid that any vote to raise taxes before the elections would further endanger Democrats in tough races where taxes have become a big issue.

The larger reality is that polls show there is no national majority supporting the Democrats on this issue. Most show voters are split in general, but key voting groups that will decide this election voice strong opposition and that was enough to force the Democrats last week to back off for now.


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