How Enviros Obstruct the Border Patrol

September 8, 2010 07:33

Migrants and drug smugglers (marijuana, mainly) are attracted to parts of Arizona for a specific reason. On these federal lands, environmental regulations prevent the Border Patrol from doing its job. That’s what the mainstream media won’t report.

By at American Spectator


‘Over and over again, Bishop makes this simple point. The U.S. side of the 1,950-mile border with Mexico is about 60 percent private land and 40 percent federal. “Almost all” of the migrants and drug smugglers come across federal lands, protected by stringent “wilderness” designations or endangered species rules. The federals are submissive before the environmental regs that interfere with border enforcement. The Border Patrol, a division of Homeland Security, has to complete lengthy environmental reports and get permission from the Departments of Agriculture and Interior before it can do anything. This can take several months.’

‘The Mexicans are all but invited to come in and trample down the wilderness, which of course they don’t care about. They actually cut down endangered cacti and lay them across roads to keep the Border Patrol out.’

‘That’s the story that Congressman Bishop has been trying to tell us. Here’s something from a Fox News story in June:

Border Patrol agents must navigate a patchwork of environmental regulations dating back decades in order to police for drug cartels, smugglers and illegal immigrants-often on foot and horseback in some of the most vulnerable areas of the southwest border.

To unlock the legislative handcuffs, a group of House lawmakers are pushing a bill [authored by Rep. Bishop] that would prohibit the Departments of Interior and Agriculture from taking any action that would “impede border security” on public lands.

A good addendum to this story, by Kevin Mooney, who also contributes to Fox News, was published by TAS online on May 12. He reported that Raul Grijalva, a leftist congressman from Arizona, has, “under the guise of environmental protection,” introduced “legislation that would restrict the movement of border security agents and create safe havens for criminal elements transporting illegal aliens and narcotics.”‘

‘For years it has been clear that the enviros have been major enemies of private property. Their war on property has been every bit as vehement (although less candid) than the one conducted in the 20th century by the Communists and their socialist allies. Greens, socialists, and American liberals all share the leftist goal of centralizing power.’

‘The new National Guardsmen that Obama promised for the border will no more be able to preempt federal rules than the Border Patrol can.’


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