Lame duck may not be so lame

September 28, 2010 04:40

Legislation such as cap-and-trade, card check, union pension bailouts, and enormous tax hikes have repeatedly been rejected by citizens, yet there many in Washington who want to sneak these horrible policies through after the voters have spoken.

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Notable Quotes CONFIRMING Lame Duck
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nev.: “We’re bound to come back in a lame-duck session. … Maybe after the elections we can get some help from Republicans on these key issues.”

More Harry Reid: “Remember, we still are going to be in Congress, working, after the election. I’ve committed to a lame-duck.”

Sen. John Kerry, Mass. on cap-and-trade: “We are going to continue to work. If it is after the election, it may well be that some members are free and liberated and feeling that they can take a risk or do something.”

Sen. Tom Harkin, Iowa on card check: “to those who think it’s dead, I say think again. We’re still trying to maneuver.”

Sen. Kent Conrad, N. Dak. on taxes and spending expects “one of the most significant lame-duck sessions in the history of the United States.”

Sen. Jay Rockefeller, W. Va. on the left’s lame duck agenda: “I’ve got lots of things I want to do.”

Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva, Ariz., co-chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, on the lame duck agenda: “the lame duck would be the last chance, quite honestly, for the foreseeable future.”

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