New Polls Show Mostly Republican Leads

September 14, 2010 14:00

Marco Rubio FL senate, Sharron Angle Nevada senate, Pat Toomey PA senate, Rob Portman OH senate, John Kasich OH gov., and Meg Whitman CA gov. lead for the Republicans and Alex Sink FL gov., and Barbara Boxer CA senate (by only 2) lead for the Dems.

By Chris Stirewalt at


‘Florida GOP Senate nominee Marco Rubio has jumped to a 16-point lead over independent Charlie Crist, according to the latest Fox News poll, as Republicans make gains across the country on dissatisfaction with Obama’s agenda.’

‘Angle drew 45 percent support, while Reid took in 44 percent. Five percent opted for “none of these,” Nevada’s unique ballot option that allows one to vote against all the candidates on offer. And Reid’s path to victory depends on growing the number of “none of these” voters.’

‘Nevada has the nation’s worst unemployment rate and remains crippled by foreclosures. Sixty-three percent said the state’s economy was in poor condition and 46 percent believed Obama’s policies had hurt the state’s economy. Thirty percent didn’t think Obama’s policies had done much at all.’

‘Opposition to the policies of the Obama administration is helping Republican Pat Toomey gain an edge in Pennsylvania’s Senate race, according to a new Fox News poll.’

‘Sen. Barbara Boxer is in a statistical dead heat with Republican challenger Carly Fiorina, while Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman holds a 6-point lead over Democrat Jerry Brown, a new Fox News poll finds.’


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