Obama’s war on Arizona and America

September 7, 2010 03:31

Obama and many of his appointees “aim in particular to use American courts to import international law to override the policies adopted through the processes of representative government.”

By Pamela Geller at American Thinker


‘The Obama administration has included the Arizona state immigration law in a report of human rights abuses to the United Nations, that collective negation of humanity and home to the worst human rights abusers in the world.’

‘Decades before the post-American president took office, Ayn Rand saw the UN for what it was, and what every free person should have known it was — and it has only gotten worse since then: “Psychologically, the U.N. has contributed a great deal to the gray swamp of demoralization — of cynicism, bitterness, hopelessness, fear and nameless guilt — which is swallowing the Western world.” That, of course, is just the kind of guilt Obama and his cronies play upon. This guilt and demoralization was largely due to Communism in those days; now, the “gray swamp” is still there, but it stems from Islam.’

‘Whelan is the president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center and the former general counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary. “What transnationalism, at bottom, is all about,” he explains, “is depriving American citizens of their powers of representative government by selectively imposing on them the favored policies of Europe’s leftist elites.”‘

‘Obama’s latest attack on America may shock Americans, but readers of my book The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America nod their heads in recognition. It’s all in the book: the relinquishing of American sovereignty and Obama’s internationalism.  Americans can’t say they hadn’t been warned. They should have noticed that the charismatic young Democratic presidential candidate had numerous socialist associations, going back to a childhood spent among internationalists. And even as recently as a nine months before he was elected president, he sponsored a bill in the Senate that would compromise American sovereignty: the Global Poverty Act.’

‘With a consistency that can only come from deeply held conviction, Barack Hussein Obama is damaging the office of the presidency and compromising American sovereignty.’


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