One nation under revolt

September 16, 2010 04:26

Despite being systematically ignored, belittled, marginalized, and ostracized by political, academic, and media elites, the Tea Party movement has grown stronger and stronger.

By: Scott Rasmussen and Douglas Schoen at Washington Examiner


‘First of a three-part series, excerpted from “Mad as Hell: How the Tea Party Movement is Fundamentally Remaking Our Two-Party System“‘

‘The Tea Party movement has become one of the most powerful and extraordinary movements in recent American political history.’

‘Survey data collected at about this time bears out the same point. In mid-April 2010, a Rasmussen Reports survey in which nearly one quarter (24 percent) of the electorate self-identified as being members in the Tea Party movement — up from 16 percent a month earlier.’

‘”[They are] evil-mongers” spreading “lies, innuendo, and rumor,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.’

”Next, they said that these protests were by no means spontaneous, that the Tea Party movement was not a legitimate grass-roots movement. Rather, it was being fed and fueled by conservative talk radio and cable television.’


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