Outlook Dimming for Democrats – but they have more cash and the unions

September 2, 2010 06:10

Polls show more Democrat seats in trouble and the number keeps going up. With more cash and the power of incumbency on the Dems side, the GOP challengers face a tough battle and will need to put more boots on the ground. With the electorate in a pitchfork mood that may just happen.

Story by NEIL KING JR. at the Wall Street Journal


‘The Cook Political Report, a newsletter that tracks congressional races, now lists 68 Democratic House seats as being at “substantial risk,” up from 62 in July and 58 in June, and the group plans to raise the figure to more than 70 this week. Other pollsters and analysts have also increased their list of Democrats they now consider imperiled. By comparison, less than 10 Republican-held seats are thought to be in jeopardy.’

‘In dozens of hotly contested races, Democratic incumbents far outpace their opponents in campaign cash on hand. In 20 of those races, the Democrat has at least a four-to-one cash advantage over the Republican candidate. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee says it has nearly $17 million more to spend on key House races than does the opposing National Republican Campaign Committee.’

‘Major unions are also promising to jump in. The AFL-CIO says it will spend more than $40 million to back candidates and mobilize residents of union-member households to vote in November, overwhelmingly in support of Democrats.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said Wednesday that the organization will get involved in more than 400 elections in 26 states, including more than 70 House races.’


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