Recovery November- And Beyond

September 13, 2010 04:59

The first 100 days of a new Republican House matter less than ensuring that the next two years are the last 100 weeks of the Obama presidency

BY William Kristol at The Weekly Standard


‘And then? Are Republicans condemned to relive the disappointments of 1995-1996? No.

When the GOP took over in January 1995, Clinton was unpopular, but the country wasn’t in such bad shape. Unemployment was 5.6 percent, down over a percentage point in the previous year, during which GDP growth had been over 4 percent. The deficit was at about $200 billion and falling. And we were at peace.’

‘A House measure repealing Obamacare may be blocked in the Senate or vetoed by the president, but House Republicans can still defund its implementation. The new congressional majority can also bury cap and trade, end stimuli and bailouts, reduce domestic discretionary spending, and stop tax increases. All of that would be a winning first act. ‘

‘If over these 100 weeks, Republican leaders and conservative activists act with both patience and boldness, with prudence and vision, if they can balance the Tea Party spirit of Tom Paine and the governing wisdom of Edmund Burke (why not?—they both, after all, supported the American revolution), then the recovery of 2010 could be the prelude to a victory in 2012 that would fundamentally change the nation’s course for the better.’


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