Reid’s nightmare rider – the DREAM (amnesty) Act

September 16, 2010 10:23

Harry Reid stoops to a new low in attaching his amnesty bill to the defense funding bill essentially holding U.S. troops hostage to advance his own political career.

IBD Editorials


‘”This is an all-time low for me being in the Senate, and that’s saying something,” committee member Lindsay Graham told Foreign Policy magazine. “The one area that’s been kept off limits from partisan politics has been the defense of our nation. To say that you’re going to bring up a defense bill and put the DREAM Act on it … to me is very offensive.”‘

‘The act is outright amnesty for the children of illegal immigrants, and offers a no-penalty path to citizenship for anyone connected with them.’

‘They will have access to taxpayer-funded loans and grants, and may crowd out children of U.S. citizens at state and community colleges. They are not required to pay back the loans, learn English or maintain a decent GPA. They can start the process up to age 35, and get six years to finish a mere two years of college or military service.’

‘And once they’ve been granted citizenship, they can bring all their relatives to the U.S. in what will be the mother of chain migrations.’

‘Mexican cartels that smuggle illegals for $10,000 a pop must be slavering at the possible new business.’


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