Stop Start?

September 20, 2010 05:11

The previous rhetoric of the administration—against new warheads, against the Reliable Replacement Warhead, against testing of warheads—unsettles members of the Senate worried that when push comes to shove the administration will go the direction of the disarmament lobby and the louder voices for global zero.

by Peter Huessy at Human events


‘there is no trust between a large segment of the Republican minority in the U.S. Senate, where the treaty must be ratified, and the current administration. And thus the treaty has become a proxy for debates on other related issues, even though the terms of the treaty itself do raise specific, perhaps more narrow issues, but nonetheless of significant importance.’

‘Our labs are in seriously bad shape. Our warheads have not been tested for nearly two decades. The people necessary in nuclear science are not being trained and our industrial base has major weaknesses.’

‘Many of its allies on the hard left are not. For example, of special note is the comment of one analyst at the Center for American Progress. When asked to comment on the whether nuclear modernization should be the quid pro quo for START ratification, the representative said, “Well, there are things we do not want to have” down the road which would have to be agreed to now to make the START critics happy.’

‘..should we have accepted any limits in missile defense, such as deploying missile defenses in our Trident submarines or Minuteman silos, which are both prohibited, when the threats to the U.S. come from North Korea, Iran and China, countries whose inventory of ballistic missiles is not controlled by Moscow?’

‘Cap and trade is a stalking horse for establishing an energy policy that seriously rations energy consumption and dramatically curtails U.S. energy production. But all in the name of “saving the planet” and consuming only “our fair share” with an actual implementing strategy that taxes Americans hundreds of billions more each year to replenish the revenue coffers of the “Great Society” that is now broke.’

‘So, too, does “healthcare reform” become a proxy to ration healthcare while being declared as a new program to help the “uninsured” and those with pre-existing conditions. It was nothing of the sort. Faced with a $38 trillion Medicare deficit, the supporters of “Big Government” could not admit the failure of the “Great Society”.’

‘The “New START” treaty has triggered a debate over U.S. security policy, the nature of the world we hope to live in, the role of the United States in the world and whether and to what extent Russia will get to call the shots on U.S. missile defense and nuclear weapons deployments policy.’


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