Strange Coziness with neo-Soviet Russia

September 26, 2010 12:27

What we see before us is Vladimir Putin, dictator of Russia — murderer of journalists, liquidator of newspapers, invader of neighbors, despoiler of democracy — referring openly and “warmly” to the President of the United States as a “like-minded fellow.”

By Kim Zigfeld at American Thinker


Last week, Obama signed a pact with Putin outlining America’s military relationship with Russia, recognizing shared threats and similar challenges and placing defense cooperation as a cornerstone of broader relations.
You know Vladimir Putin, of course. He’s the fellow who continues to arrest opposition politicians, including former deputy prime ministers and their staff, and to assault opposition publications. He openly encourages police to crack the skulls of any opposition activists who dare to assemble in public without written police permission. Worse, he has unleashed a torrent of spies against the Western democracies, he buzzes American shores with nuclear bombers, and he seeks to roll back the destruction of the USSR at every turn. At the last Olympic games, the national anthem of the USSR was played for Russian athletes. Putin is a very proud KGB spy.

Republicans ought to realize that challenging Obama on this issue isn’t just good morality — it’s good politics. In July, Obama’s job approval rating moved for the first time into prolonged, marked plurality-negative territory. Currently, nearly a majority of Americans say Obama is doing a poor job, while 46% approve. That’s crashed from a 60-20 approval split at the start of Obama’s presidency. Disapproval has more than doubled; the public senses failure and decay. It’s time to give them more of the specifics.


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