Take Out the Trash Nov. 2!

September 13, 2010 06:15

If grassroots conservatives are energized enough to knock off a well-funded candidate like Castle in the Delaware primary, what unimaginable havoc might they wreak on Nov. 2?

By at American Spectator


‘Tea Party activism has been credited with having a decisive influence in several GOP primaries — most recently Joe Miller’s stunning upset of Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski — but many political observers remain unconvinced that the movement will pass the make-or-break test of defeating Democrats on Nov. 2.’

‘The New York Times reported last week that Demoratic leaders were instituting a program of electoral “triage” to concentrate resources strategically with the objective of maintaining Nancy Pelosi’s House majority. And as a top House Republican aide told Byron York last week, even for the GOP to gain the minimum 39 seats necessary to recapture the House majority “is a very steep hill to climb.”‘

‘Fifty days remain from now until Election Day, when results will not be measured by poster slogans and crowd estimates — 50 days for the Tea Party movement to live up to the motto of Sunday’s rally: “Remember in November.”‘


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