The American dream is dying – Mike Pence at DC 9/12 rally

September 13, 2010 04:08

“We’ve lost respect in the world. We are going broke. The American dream is dying and our social and cultural fabric is unraveling,” Pence told rally-goers in Washington. “People are scared. If we do not succeed in November, all that once was good and great about this country could someday be gone.”


Indiana Republican Rep. Mike Pence and Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli were among the keynote speakers at a thousands-strong rally in Washington, D.C., Sunday that was intended to send a message to big-spending lawmakers.

Sunday’s event, themed “Remember in November,” is calling for less government spending and smaller government in general. Dick Armey, the former Republican House majority leader and founder of FreedomWorks, the Washington, D.C.-based conservative nonprofit advocacy group, said the march was about a simple decision.

Cuccinelli said his purpose in speaking was to talk about the health care law that he’s fighting on behalf of his state.

“Really our lawsuit is about liberty and we’re trying to preserve the Constitution,” he told Fox News, adding that the law is “an incredible example of the federal government overstepping its authority and exercising dramatic power.”

Mary Jane Corcoran, 58, who works in medical administration, made the 360-mile trip from Dayton, Ohio to St. Louis.

“When you’re used to your local tea party with 40 people, it’s nice to get together with a lot of people that feel the way you do,” Corcoran said. “This is like a shot in the arm to get us going for the November election.”


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