The tweet wars – Gibbs vs Hayes

September 3, 2010 09:16

Gibbs better keep his day job. WEEKLY STANDARD writer Steve Hayes got plenty of attention from White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today, who used his Twitter account to carry on a long back-and-forth with Hayes over the small business bill the White House has been touting this week, but which stalled in the Senate earlier this summer.

BY Mary Katharine Ham at The Weekly Standard


It began when Hayes retweeted this Gibbs tweet about the bill:

Gibbs: “Mitch McConnell calls small business aid “itty-bitty” while small biz puts off hiring waiting for his help passing it”

Hayes: “Does the WH seriously think that small businesses aren’t hiring b/c of a bill held up in Congress? Talk about a myopic, inside-DC view. In conversations w/small biz owners, they’ll give you dozens of reasons they’re not hiring. Never had anyone mention small biz aid bill.”

Gibbs: ATTN @stephenfhayes

If Gibbs had left it at that, it would be a fairly normal Twitter interaction for him. He often tweaks Boehner on Twitter with a news story or asks one question of a specific political opponent before moving back to the message of the day. But it didn’t stop there.

Hayes: Ask small business owners across the country if they’d rather have across-the-bd tax cuts or gov-backed loans @PressSec


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