UN peacekeepers ‘failed’ DR Congo rape victims

September 8, 2010 03:58

“Our actions were not adequate, resulting in unacceptable brutalisation of the population of the villages in the area. We must do better.”

BBC News


‘He said that up to 500 women and children were now believed raped in recent weeks – more than double the previously reported figure.’

‘”While the primary responsibility for protection of civilians lies with the state, its national army and police force, clearly, we have also failed,” he said.’

‘”Graphic examples were provided to me by the victims themselves when I met them in Luvungi and in other parts where I travelled. And I must say that this is why I feel that we have a responsibility, we owe a responsibility to the victims to make their lives better but also we owe them the responsibility of making DRC better,” Mr Khare told the BBC.’

‘Mr Ban sent his envoys to the country to learn why UN peacekeepers had apparently been unaware of the attacks.’


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