Union Terror Link?

September 30, 2010 08:06

Thuggery and corruption are not quite synonyms for unionism, but it gets very close when you consider the Service Employees International Union, formerly led by Andy Stern.

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The FBI raids the Chicago home of a local union leader looking for terrorist connections as the union’s former chief is investigated for corruption. Why are we not surprised?

From being involved in fraudulent voter registration in Texas to beating up Tea Party activists outside town hall meetings in Missouri, SEIU’s reputation is well-established.

Now we can possibly add a linkage to terrorism.

Iosbaker is no less than the Chief Steward for SEIU Local 73. One would think that a high-ranking union official linked to support of international terrorism would be national news, especially when our success in the war on terror abroad has caused a change in tactics and the rise of what is known as “homegrown terrorism.”

Wade Radthke, a former Students for a Democratic Society member, founded Acorn and SEIU.

Stern, also an SDS member, cut his community and union-organizing teeth with the SDS. He was trained in the tactics of radical activism at the Midwest Academy, formed by former SDS members Paul and Heather Booth.

Unions were formed on the premise of helping exploited workers. Now it is the unions and their bosses, particularly the SEIU, doing the exploiting.


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