Whatever Happened to the United Nations?

September 23, 2010 06:02

How did such a respectable international governmental organization, one that fought a bloody war including 16-member states which beat back a Communist invasion of South Korea from 1950-1953, come to symbolize little more than a leftist think tank embracing a platform for anti-Western rhetoric?

by J.D. Gordon at Human Events


‘In a sign of the UN’s new world order, Fidel Castro’s Cuba and Mohammar Khadafi’s Libya have a seat on its Human Rights Council. Resolutions condemning Israel have become pro forma, notably with 22 coming in the 61st General Assembly (2006-2007), during a time in which none were passed against the genocide in Sudan’s Darfur.’

‘In an effort to re-make the country into a more multi-lateral force while apologizing for superpower status, President Obama emboldens U.S. detractors through showing weakness.’

‘Since the UN appears unable or unwilling to meaningfully confront the most important security challenges to world peace—as envisioned it would by its founders in 1945 who sought to replace the failed League of Nations, it does not appear to make sense for the United States to place much emphasis or resources on the organization its current form.’

‘Sadly, rather than effectively dealing with any of these serious challenges the UN has taken a different approach by giving countries with totalitarian regimes and egregious human rights records, such as Iran, Cuba and Libya, the largest platforms in which to scapegoat others for their own problems.’


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