Where EPA Is Public Enemy #1

September 30, 2010 07:16

Farmers, ranchers, and foresters “are increasingly frustrated and bewildered by vague, overreaching, and unnecessarily burdensome EPA regulations,” a U.S. senator charged last week.

By at American Spectator


“If the election was today, the party would almost certainly lose the governorships it holds in Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania,” plus a host of Midwest Senate seats.

But why? One underreported reason is the belief, widespread among Farm Belt residents, that Obama administration environmental regulators are gunning for them.

Senator John Thune, a South Dakota Republican, delivered a blunt message from his constituents: “The Environmental Protection Agency has become Public Enemy Number One of our farmers and ranchers.”

“Trial lawyers joined forces with environmental activists and sought to regulate through the courts what science could not support within the EPA regulatory process,” White said.


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