A Society of Beggars? Obama Battles Reagan

October 26, 2010 12:57

Amid all the exuberance about electing a man because of his skin color was a deliberate refusal to understand that this particular man was a hard-core radical leftist.

By at American Spectator


Obama or Reagan.

In the end, that’s the choice.

For some, the knowledge of just what then-Senator Obama intended to do if elected president was apparently hard to discern. For others, electing a man who had sat in the pews of Jeremiah Wright’s church for twenty years and launched his first campaign from the living room of Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers was an appallingly dangerous mistake.

Obama and Reagan have become the face of each side’s arguments in 2010, the personification of the now furious struggle between statism — the supremacy of the state, as Mark Levin succinctly describes the goal of the left in Liberty and Tyranny — and individual freedom and liberty.

Reagan believed to his core that an American’s rights and opportunities come always not from the generosity of the state but the hand of God. He was neither shy nor embarrassed about saying so, either.

Every major Obama initiative from Obamanomics to ObamaCare is inevitably attempting to transform America just as Obama promised: taking the prosperous America Ronald Reagan saw as The Shining City Upon a Hill and turning it into a Society of Beggars. Sending Americans begging — literally.


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