Big green vs. jobs in CA prop 23

October 28, 2010 05:34

California’s climate change law will cost the state up to $100 billion and a loss of more than a million jobs, as businesses close down or move out of state to remain competitive.

by William LaJeunesse at


“We can’t afford to implement laws that will costs us bilions of dollars,” says Anita Mangels, a spokesperson for Yes on Prop. 23. “When folks get past the initial rhetoric and understand how much this is going to cost them, they will run not walk to the booth and vote yes on 23.”

Opposition comes from environmentalists, including ‘Avatar” director James Cameron, and venture capitalists and hedge funds that own millions of shares of solar and wind companies, many in China.

Major contributors include:

Farallon Capital $5 million Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield $3 million Environmental Defense Fund $1 million Social Justice Groups $550,000 Tiger Management NYC $500,000


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