Blumenthal tops group’s list of 10 worst AGs in history in ’07

October 7, 2010 07:56

Picked as the nation’s WORST attorney general in a 2007 report by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Democrat Richard Blumenthal is leading in the Connecticut race for senate.

BY JOHN O’BRIEN at LegalNewsline


“The nation’s worst state attorney general is Richard Blumenthal, a tireless crusader for growing the power of his own office and spreading largesse to his cronies,” Bader wrote.
The report says Blumenthal steered $65 million in fees to his own allies and the associates of former Gov. John Rowland, later convicted of corruption in an unrelated matter.

It adds that Blumenthal went “through the motions” of soliciting letters from firms interested in representing the state in the lawsuit. Of the four he selected, one was his former firm, another’s partner was married to a partner in the first firm and a managing partner in the third served as counsel to Rowland.

Blumenthal is also bashed for a lawsuit he filed on behalf of several other states against out-of-state utilities for allegedly contributing to global warming.

“Blumenthal himself admitted that his goal was to ‘shake up and reshape the way an industry does business’ across the nation,” Bader wrote. “Since when is that the role of a state official?”

During an interview, Bader said that Blumenthal’s recent aggressiveness against insurance companies did not contribute to his ranking, but it may in future lists.


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