California Circles the Drain

October 8, 2010 06:43

The government of the once Golden State is a lead-pipe cinch to lurch into insolvency any month now. The public sector has become a parasite which is consuming the host—the people of this once great state.

Roger Hedgecock at Human Events


The California State government is an estimated $19 billion in the hole.

The media is peppered with grim stories of government fraud, waste, and abuse.

The Los Angeles Times reports that over $69 million in welfare paid out in debit cards to destitute Californians to keep a roof over their head and clothes on their back has turned up in Las Vegas, Hawaii, and on Caribbean cruise ships.

The sense of entitlement to bloated salaries for public employees permeates the California public sector.

After digging by Councilmember Carl DeMaio, it was revealed that a San Diego City librarian retired from her $139,700 job with an annual retirement payment starting at over $227,000 plus full medical. A four- star general in the U.S. Army gets around $149,600 per year in retirement.

The ten most highly paid employees who retired from the City of San Diego last year will cost the pension fund $61 million over their projected life spans.

The current San Diego City Council reached the predictable conclusion on how to solve this crisis. They refused to cut back their pension benefits. Instead, they put Proposition D on the ballot seeking voter approval for a “temporary” five-year sales tax increase of one half of one percent—a tax which they say will yield over $100 million a year to restore city services.


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