Connecticut Extortionist General Blumenthal

October 14, 2010 05:05

Ann Coulter exposes the trampling of citizen rights and abuse of power of  Richard Blumenthal the Democrat contender for Senator from Connecticut.

Ann Coulter at Human Events


This activist, interventionist Democrat — like his identical, slightly less oily twin, Eliot Spitzer — decided at age 5 he was going to be a U.S. senator and then the first Jewish president. And he doesn’t care how many lives he has to destroy to get there.

Among Blumenthal’s taxpayer-funded citizen-persecution projects was the one he waged against Gina Kolb, owner of Computer Plus Center in East Hartford.

Wonder why you have a $4 billion deficit, Nutmeggers? Blumenthal’s endless investigations into responsible, law-abiding citizens like Kolb have now cost more than the entire Iraq War. (And that’s just the cost of the paper for Blumenthal’s 12 billion press releases!)

Kolb was far from the only innocent citizen persecuted by Blumenthal. The reason we know her story is that, instead of moving as far away from Connecticut as she could, Kolb turned around and sued the state for violating her constitutional rights.

Asked by Charles Kochakian of the New Haven Register about the case and whether Blumenthal ever released a statement when a victim of his legal harassment was vindicated, Blumenthal essentially said: No one is ever vindicated. Just because no wrongdoing was found, he said, doesn’t mean wrongdoing didn’t occur.


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